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The Control of Horses Act 2015

The Control of Horses Act 2015 (‘the Act’) amended the Animals Act 1971 as of the 26th May 2015. The amendments were designed to provide landowners and occupiers in England with additional rights to deal with horses that are unlawfully on their land. Nearly two years on and the application and use of the additional […]

Resolution calls for election pledges on family justice

Nigel Shepherd, National Chair of Resolution, has called on the major political parties to commit to modernising family justice in their manifesto. Resolution’s 6,500+ members are family lawyers and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Resolution has made four proposals to all the political parties, which it hopes “will make a […]

Should we be using McKenzie Friends?

The removal of legal aid for most family court cases has led to a rise in the use of McKenzie Friends. A McKenzie friend is an advisor of sorts, usually not legally qualified, and is someone who can help you during your court hearing and organise paperwork for you, but who cannot talk at the […]

Lasting Powers of Attorney: Planning for a secure future

As a nation, we’re all living longer. The down side of that is that more and more people are likely to become physically or mentally dependent on others. It is forecast that more than a million people in the UK by 2025 will suffer from dementia, but there are many other causes which can affect […]

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