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Do I need a written partnership agreement?

Many business partners work in complete harmony with one another without the need for a written partnership agreement. In fact, there is a common belief that such an agreement is imposed to ensure partners behave and stay in line. Whilst this may be one effect, it is the process of considering all eventualities that makes […]

Who can exercise a break clause in a commercial lease?

A recent case (Sackville UK Property Select II (GP) Ltd v Robertson Taylor Insurance Brokers Ltd) found that a break notice served on behalf of the assignee of a registered lease, who had not yet been registered at the Land Registry as the owner of the leasehold title, was insufficient to end the lease. The break […]

Can parents make their own arrangements for child maintenance?

When asking whether parents can make their own arrangements for child maintenance, the short answer is yes. When it comes to separating families, two of the biggest arguments are usually over contact arrangements and child maintenance. Generally child maintenance is payable from one parent to the other. The paying parent is required to pay a […]

Divorce, disclosure and death

The messy divorce of Michelle Young and Scot Young was the recent focus of a BBC Two documentary ‘Millionaire Ex-Wives Club’. The documentary highlighted the fact that despite the best efforts of the court it could not make Scot Young disclose his assets. Scot Young was an entrepreneur involved in property and technology companies. During […]

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