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The divorce case of Mrs Owens

As the law stands, couples have to assign blame to get a divorce unless they have been separated for at least two years (and sometimes five years). Evidence shows that this makes amicable agreements on finances and children far more difficult. In an uncomfortable decision the Supreme Court has dismissed the divorce case of Mrs […]

The Child Maintenance Compliance and Arrears Strategy

There is much reported evidence to show that children from separated families are more likely to have positive outcomes in later life if their parents can work together. A positive contribution towards this is when parents feel able to make arrangements between themselves regarding the payment of child maintenance without state intervention. For those who […]

Am I divorced?

A recent story of a carpenter who avoided jail time for being a bigamist should serve as a stark reminder to anyone going through a divorce. It is very important to make sure all stages of the process are completed correctly before embarking on a new legal relationship with a new partner. Paul Phibbs had […]

Landlord has to pay damages for misrepresentation about asbestos

A landlord has had to pay damages for misrepresentation about asbestosĀ in a commercially let premises. In the recent case of First Tower Trustees Ltd v CDS (Superstores International) Ltd, the landlord granted a lease of several bays within an industrial warehouse. In the replies to pre-contractual enquiries, it answered that it had not been notified […]

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