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Wonga’s demise and the minefield of “Ethical” Investment

The administration of payday lender, Wonga, appears in part to have been the result of a recent influx of compensation claims arising from its controversial sales practices. It is anticipated that parts of its loan book will be sold to another lending firm. In light of Wonga’s demise, the high profile comments of Justin Welby, […]

Couples who earn the same are more likely to stay together

Relationships are a wonderful thing but as well as being tricky to find they are also extremely difficult to preserve. Could the key to happy relationships withstanding the prolonged pressure be the amount of money the couple collectively earn? Patrick Ishizuka, a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University’s Population Centre has written a paper which explores […]

Introducing a new partner to your children

Upon separation, one potentially contentious topic is when to introduce a new partner to the children. There is always the likelihood that a separated partner will go on to meet someone else who they consider could be a long term partner, and will want to introduce that new partner to the children. It is commonplace for the […]

Legal and Beneficial Title in Property

Readers of our blog may be interested to know that the distinction between legal and beneficial interests/title regularly confuses land and property owners. What is the difference? A person with legal title to property is the person registered at the Land Registry or named on the title deeds. This person is responsible for the property […]

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