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Funeral costs said to be ‘extortionate’

This week the BBC published an article detailing average funeral costs in 2018. The funeral services sector has come under fire recently as a result of claims of the extortionate cost of funerals amid recent price hikes. The sector now faces investigation. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) also said it had “serious concerns” about […]

Artificial feeding not in the best interests of dying stroke victim

The Court of Protection in England and Wales has upheld a hospital’s decision to refuse intravenous feeding to a 62-year-old woman with severe progressive vascular dementia caused by a stroke, and to transfer her into a nursing home for palliative care. The woman’s husband had asked the Court of Protection to order the hospital to […]

Government announces consultations on measures to improve the property sector

The Government has recently announced proposed consultations on a number of measures to address (among other things) perceived failings in the housing sector and to support new development. New proposed measures include: The creation of a new ombudsman scheme to focus on new homes, with a view to ensuring that buyers of newly built homes […]

French Court rules: you cannot make a Will by text message

Each country has its own rules setting out the formalities for a valid Will. In the UK, with limited exceptions, you must sign a Will in the physical presence of two witnesses, who must also sign. In a ground-breaking decision, in 2013 a Queensland court ruled that a Will was valid where the deceased had […]

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