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How to lose your property: a note on the case of Rashid -v- Nasrullah

If a third party occupies a property you own, without your consent, for long enough, it is possible they can claim ownership to it. This is known as “adverse possession” (or squatters’ rights) and the rules vary depending on whether the land is registered or unregistered (the rules are stricter for registered land). This is, […]

Rise in divorce rates for older couples

There has been a recent and noticeable increase in divorce rates amongst the older generation. A recent report by the Office of National Statistics has revealed that divorce rates in older couples is the highest in almost 25 years, with an increase of 23% of men aged over 65 and 38% of women of the […]

Retiring as a farmer

For most people in the UK, the question of whether you can retire comes down to working out when you can afford to stop working. However, for farming families the question ‘when should I retire?’ poses a unique and often complicated raft of questions. Firstly, it’s important to ascertain whether the farmer is actually ready […]

Barker Gotelee continues to grow Business Services team

Barker Gotelee is continuing the expansion of its business services offering with the appointment of solicitor Liz Gifford. Liz joins Barker Gotelee from a leading City law firm and will be working with partner and corporate law specialist, Clare Richards, providing corporate and commercial advice to a range of clients Liz’s previous experience in advising […]

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