Accident at Work Claims

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Our experienced personal injury solicitors are able to offer advice and assistance in relation to accidents at work.

If you were injured because health and safety procedures were not being followed or because of a colleague’s negligence, then it is highly likely that you will be successful in claiming compensation. If the accident was partly your fault, then you may still be entitled to make a claim, though the amount of compensation you will receive will be reduced to reflect this.

Accidents and injuries at work can happen in many different situations. The most common accident at work claims include:

  • Accidents caused by work colleagues’ negligence or fault
  • Defective or faulty equipment
  • Manual handling issues
  • Slips and trips in the workplace
  • Travelling in a work vehicle
  • Construction site accidents

A successful claim will include compensation for your injuries, lost earnings, out-of-pocket expenses, medical treatments, care and rehabilitation support costs. You may also be entitled to claim compensation for future losses including loss of earnings.

Making a claim for compensation is a way of holding irresponsible employers to account for their failings and will ultimately help improve workplace health and safety standards for everyone.

To find out more about how we can help you with your accident at work claim, contact us we are here to help.