Common Agricultural Policy reform delayed to 1 January 2015

The EU legislation that provides a common, unified policy on agriculture is to delay changes to the Single Farm Payment Scheme until 1 January 2015.

Under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) farmers receive direct support from the EU through such initiatives as the Single Payment Scheme (SPS). Under the proposed reform SPS will be replaced by the Basic Payments Scheme (BPS) and the Young Farmers Scheme which will become compulsory for all member states to adopt. Although the BPS is modelled closely on the SPS, the main difference is to move away from allocation of entitlements based on historical references to payments on a per hectare basis. It is also suggested that the definition of ‘farmer’ may change, as only ‘active’ farmers should be able to receive direct support.

Subject to certain limited exceptions, it is now clear that farmers will be eligible to apply for entitlements in 2015 provided they were an active farmer and received an SPS payment for the 2013 SPS year.

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