Barker Gotelee supports Thomas Mills School careers fair

Two of Barker Gotelee newest recruits, Lyndsey Banthorpe and Emma Withrington attended the TMS careers fair with the aim of providing support and guidance for pupils making the often confusing & difficult decision on their GCSE subject choices.

The evening provided a unique opportunity to speak with students and their parents to answer the questions that are not readily available online or in recruitment brochures. The students were keen to hear of the experiences in legal study and what it is actually like to work within the law. The students appeared to be more interested in what could be expected from a career in law as opposed to the process of qualification.

It was interesting to see that the students were surprised to find that a degree in a subject other than law would not prevent a career as a solicitor or barrister.

The feedback we received was very positive, with students advising that the information they received was very helpful. Even those students who were unsure of whether they wanted to pursue a career in law seemed interested in the work that Barker Gotelee offers.

It was a very positive evening both for the students and the firm.

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