Commercial Solicitors Ipswich – Does your company’s website comply with its disclosure requirements?

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‘Each company in the UK is required to display:

  • its full company name (including its “limited” status)
  • the part of the UK in which it is registered, (i.e England & Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland)
  • its registered number
  • its registered office address

on all its business documents so that anyone who has dealings with the company knows its legal identity and its limited liability status.

The law does not distinguish between hard copy and electronic forms of communication and so, along with displaying these details on its formal letterhead paper and invoices, a company should ensure that, if it has a website or uses email or other electronic communication to conduct its business, these details are clearly displayed on the website or in the email footer.

It doesn’t cost anything to comply and failure to comply is a criminal offence and can result in the company and its directors being fined. If these details are not displayed the company’s directors are also at risk of being held personally liable for the company’s debts.

For further information on company disclosure requirements or the disclosure requirements of other business structures or any other company and business law issues please contact Elaine Mann of Barker Gotelee.’

Elaine Mann is a commercial solicitor at Barker Gotelee, Solicitors in Ipswich

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