Debt Relief Orders

The Insolvency Service has announced that £2.3bn of debt relief has been granted since April 2009 when the first Debt Relief Order (“DRO”) was approved. DROs were introduced to assist people with low levels of assets and little surplus income to deal with their debts. DROs are a type of insolvency procedure that is available exclusively to people who:

  1. do not own their own home;
  2. have less than £20,000 worth of debt; and
  3. have minimal disposable income each month.

In appropriate circumstances, DROs have proved to be simpler and cheaper than either individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) or bankruptcy. Between 2009 and 2017, more than 254,000 DROs were approved by the Insolvency Service for individuals with average debts of circa £9,400.

Whilst those eligible can benefit from the relative speed and low set-up costs of a DRO (applications are submitted online to the Official Receiver through an authorised debt adviser), it is crucial that those in financial difficulties seek professional advice at an early stage as different circumstances benefit from tailored debt solutions.

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