Divorce and making the most of mediation

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In China a mother has dangled her small child out of a high floor window of a multi-story hotel in a bid to get her husband to agree to a divorce.

Police were not able to talk her into pulling the child back through her window until the local divorce court issued the paperwork she desired and the child’s father signed it.

This seems extreme but no-one should under-estimate the emotions that a difficult relationship and its aftermath can stir up. People in an emotionally charged state often find it difficult to make appropriate decisions about their futures and can benefit from mediation and seeing an appropriately qualified therapist to talk though their issues and feelings.

In the long run this can save on solicitors’ fees as solicitors are then able to deal solely with the legal issues.

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Nicola Furmston is a solicitor specialising in the family field at Barker Gotelee, Solicitors in Ipswich.