DIY Wills blamed for increase in inheritance disputes

A recent article published by the Law Society Gazette referred to a report stating that the number of inheritance disputes has increased from 227 to 368 in the past year.

The rise is said to be fuelled by the popularity of “DIY Wills” which are often found to be riddled with errors, inaccuracies and omissions. Often people find that Will drafting may look simple, but there are often complexities which need to be considered. These complexities range from tax consequences to non-traditional family structures to simply not thinking about all possible eventualities (who dies first in a relationship, what if the survivor needs care, what if the survivor remarries).

Although a DIY Will is often seen as a helpful cost-saving measure, it can end up costing families much more in the long term.

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Rebecca Dixon is a solicitor in the private client department at Barker Gotelee, Ipswich solicitors.

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