Eviction ban extended

We have reported previously on the rules pertaining to residential evictions and how they have been amended temporarily due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Along with many other such measures (for example the furlough scheme), last week the government confirmed that the temporary ban on evictions for residential landlords would be extended to the 31 May 2021.

Whilst the eviction ban extension has been been welcomed by many, some legal experts have observed that aspects of the new rules may leave some tenants in a worse position than when they started and have described the extension as just ‘kicking the can down the road’.

Similarly, the ban on commercial property evictions will now continue until June, however legal experts have sounded a note of caution about this ban also, noting that some businesses which have continued to succeed despite lockdown may be taking advantage of landlords by avoiding payment even though they actually have sufficient funds to pay the rent.

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