Family Solicitors Ipswich – Is 2nd January really “Divorce Day” for lawyers?

Amanda Crowe Cropped

Many people have a general perception that Christmas time and the New Year is a busy time for family lawyers, with January 2nd being dubbed “D–day” or Divorce Day as couples who have tried to maintain a joyous frame of mind for the holidays discover that things cannot go on as they are. Nothing could be further from the truth! The conjured up image that everyone rushes to speak to their family solicitor on the first available working day after Christmas is a myth, and one which needs to be put to bed as soon as possible. For the majority of couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties there are usually months of agonising over the decision as to whether they separate or continue to try and make their relationship work. More often than not people will wait until the festive period is well and truly over and everyone is back in their usual routine before they seek the advice and assistance of a family solicitor. The important thing for anyone in this situation is to make sure they do take some legal advice regardless of where they are in the separation and divorce process.

Amanda Crowe is a family law solicitor at Ipswich Solicitors.

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