Family Solicitors Suffolk – Horsemeat now in school dinners

‘Many UK residents will no doubt be familiar with the on-going horsemeat scandal, as more “beef” products found on our local supermarket shelves continue to show up as having horsemeat in them instead. Unfortunately it appears that it is not just supermarkets which have this issue. The Foods Standards Agency have also discovered that horsemeat was used in cottage pies and burgers which were delivered to 47 schools in Lancashire. Analysts at one of six UK laboratories carrying out the tests discovered the horsemeat late on Thursday afternoon. Head teachers at all schools in the area were immediately informed and the products were removed from school canteens and taken off the menu.

The England Local Authority Caterers Association have contacted the major suppliers of meat to all UK schools to seek reassurances that their products are free from horse DNA, and they maintain that school meals remain nutritious and healthy and are a good alternative to packed lunches. Only time will tell if parents remain trustworthy and confident in their children’s school dinners and whether they are really eating what the menu suggests.’

Amanda Crowe is a family law solicitor at Barker Gotelee, solicitors in Suffolk. Barker Gotelee specialise in school appeals

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