Family Solicitors Suffolk – The Ministry of Justice aim to introduce National Standards for experts

Nicola Furmston

‘Eighteen months ago the Norgrove report criticised the shockingly slow pace of cases in the family justice courts, which was leading to delay in finalising arrangements for children’s welfare. The Ministry of Justice has launched a nine-week consultation aimed at introducing National Standards for experts giving evidence in these types of proceedings. The use of experts often delays matters whilst one opinion is given and then another and another, until each party is satisfied its expert has answered every point, no matter how small, raised by the other. Often, the bigger picture is lost in the minutiae and children’s lives are in limbo meanwhile. It remains to be seen whether the National Standards will ever come in and if they can provide a much needed rocket-boost to the process’.

Nicola Furmston is a family law solicitor at Barker Gotelee, solicitors in Suffolk

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