Agricultural Solicitors FAQs

Many farmers and agricultural businesses are feeling weighed down by the never ending stream of new regulations and legislation coming from Brussels and Defra – but our agricultural solicitors are here to help.


Our specialist agricultural solicitors have a national reputation for understanding the current issues facing farmers and can help them to understand how new and existing legislation will affect their business. Our agricultural solicitors are also experienced in defending farmers against court proceedings.

What do agricultural solicitors do?

Agricultural solicitors are on hand to help with all law related matters facing farmers. We understand agricultural issues and are noted nationally for the legal services that our agricultural solicitors provide, including:

  • Dealing with the sale and purchase of farms, including the transfer of farm workers where necessary.
  • Preparing and negotiating partnership and tenancy agreements.
  • Resolving and advising on partnership disputes.
  • Providing expert advice on the implications of current and forthcoming legislation affecting the agricultural industry.
  • Maintaining active relationships with legislative and statutory bodies such as the EU Commission and Defra, often helping to resolve client issues at source.
  • Advising clients on the use of agricultural land for renewable energy projects, such as wind turbines and photovoltaic schemes.


What makes Barker Gotelee especially well placed to advise farmers?

With an extensive range of agricultural interests, our team of agricultural solicitors has many years of experience. This has allowed us to build a unique relationship with, and access to, the EU decision makers in Brussels, allowing us to provide clear views on existing and emerging policies and legislation.

Our agricultural solicitors also retain good relations with Defra, but this does not stop us from arguing our clients’ interests and taking them to the courts in the UK and the European Court of Justice if needed.


I’ve heard about a new set of regulations that are about to come in, and I’m not sure how it’s going to affect my business – can you help?

Our unique position and relationship with key people in Brussels are especially useful here. We specialise in staying abreast of forthcoming legislation and with years of experience working within the agricultural industry, we are highly skilled in anticipating what it will mean for farmers and other agricultural businesses.


It’s great to have local agricultural solicitors on my doorstep if I need advice, but what happens if I really want to fight a case? How far can you take things on my behalf?

Nationally known and respected as specialist agricultural solicitors, we have fought cases in the UK courts and in the European Court of Justice. So we are perfectly placed to take your case to whatever level is appropriate (subject of course to the circumstances of the case).

Although we are very much a local business, based in Martlesham Heath, near Ipswich, Suffolk, we have a strong national and international presence.


I don’t want to fight any case but I would like to know how I can steer my business to take advantage of new regulations – can you help?

As one of the specialist areas, our agricultural solicitors can advise you on new legislation, and the affects it may have on your business. New legislation may be a problem for one person, while presenting an opportunity for another – and many of our clients appreciate the ability to plan ahead and prepare their businesses for forthcoming changes.

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