Data Protection

We can advise on all aspects of data protection for you and your business.


Our corporate solicitors can advise you on your data protection obligations and assist with drawing up the required policies and procedures for your business.

We advise on data protection. For example:

  • Your data protection obligations
  • Data protection policies and procedures
  • Data sharing and sales
  • Subject Access Requests
  • Use of data for marketing activities
  • Data security breaches

If you run a business it is highly likely data protection laws will apply to you.

The starting point is that you need to pay a fee to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and also keep a record of what data you process and why.  Once you know what you are processing and why, you may then decide what else you need to do to comply with our data protection laws and we can help you to do so.

“I can’t thank Victoria enough for her expertise, advice and competence.”

Data Protection
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