Accident Claims

An accident can impact your life in many ways – our solicitors can help you make a claim to ensure you maintain a positive quality of life.

The consequences of an accident can range from a minor inconvenience to a disability or even the loss of a loved one. Although we appreciate that our legal services can never make up for any loss suffered, it can be crucial in continuing a good quality of life.

Our solicitors based in Ipswich, Suffolk, can also assist you if you are suffering an injury as a result of a long-term health problem. In fact, we have experience working across a whole range of personal injury issues including multi-million-pound claims.

Our legal services offer support for:

  • Fatal accident claims – We work on behalf of a spouse or a dependent for bereavement and loss of financial support.
  • Work-related claims – Ranging from industrial disease, such as asbestosis and mesothelioma, to accidents caused by machinery and amputations, repetitive injuries or ill health due to stress.
  • Road traffic claims – We handle claims for accidents whether you are a cyclist, motorcyclist, car driver, pedestrian or passenger in a public service vehicle.
  • Injuries from animals – The law offers compensation where an animal’s behaviour causes injury but which could have been prevented by the owner.
  • Injuries on holiday – Holiday accidents often involve a tour operator, hotel owner or an airline, and we handle claims for incidents at sea, in the air or where a holiday involves risk.
  • Highway liabilities – We handle claims for trips, slips and obstacles on the road that should not be there.
  • Product liability – Our experts work on claims involving chemicals, materials, hidden traps, and the treatment of products by retailers and food, which are subject to complex regulatory law, or which may be defective or unfit for use and lead to injury or illness.

Occupiers liability – We all have responsibility for people coming on to our land as visitors or trespassers. Most landowners carry public liability insurance as the law recognises the duty of care owed by the landowner.

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“You took on my case after it was rejected as having no prospect of success. You doggedly pursued my case despite numerous hurdles put in our way and justice has been achieved through your determination.”

Accident Claims
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