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Our personal solicitors are sensitive to the needs of older clients – we listen to your worries and communicate with clarity.

For instance, we take measures to communicate in a way that suits you – whether it is using printed materials that are easier to read, or ensuring an induction loop is available. Talk to us about your needs and we will do our best to help.

As we get older it often becomes more difficult to understand and retain advice given, so we take steps to ensure clients fully understand the issues involved. Working with clients from across East Anglia, our team provides legal guidance on issues including:

Entitlement to Benefits

  • Are you/your parents taking full advantage of the benefits and tax relief you are entitled to? Even if your family are the people caring for you, you could be entitled to benefits to help with the cost of care.

Minimising Inheritance Tax

  • As you begin to plan for later life you may be considering the potential impact of inheritance tax. At Barker Gotelee we understand that you would want to make sure that this is minimised, to allow you to pass on more after you pass. Typical areas that we work with you on when discussing inheritance tax are:
  • Asset protection
  • Will planning and creation
  • Business interest planning
  • Tax mitigation

Care/Nursing Home Funding

  • Larger numbers of people are requiring care home or nursing help in their later life. This can be a worrying financial cost as you plan for the future. Having worked with clients in this situation we have experience and understanding in clarifying care home fees and related care/nurse costs. We can help protect your assets by carefully reviewing your families circumstances, advising you and negotiating with you the complicated regulations. This can include:
  • Local Authority Funding for care
  • Registered Nursing Care Contributions
  • NHS Continuing Care
  • State benefits
  • Care home contracts and payment plans
  • Moving in with Children
  • *whether your home, their home or a new home, we can help both with the legalities of moving, the tax implications of this (e.g. of owning a home with your children) and how this might affect your future planning (even up gifts between one child and another).

Making a Will

You are welcome to visit us in our offices in Martlesham Heath, near Ipswich – we have car parking right outside our door.

Alternatively, our personal solicitors can visit you at home if you prefer.

Contact us, we are here to help.

“We are indebted to you for your hard work, patience and kindness.”

Elderly Client Services
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