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If your personal finances have been hit by hard times, our insolvency solicitors can help you find the right solution to get you back on the path to prosperity.

For any number of reasons your income may have been reduced (e.g. loss of employment) or, if you are a sole trader business or in a partnership, others may owe you money leaving you struggling to cover your monthly outgoings.

Our Insolvency and Debt Recovery solicitors provide swift and proactive legal advice. The team is headed up by John Bradshaw, who has more then 20 years’ experience advising clients on a variety of issues, and helping those affected by other people or businesses in financial trouble.

We can work with you to make informed, critical, and time-pressured decisions. Amongst other tasks, we seek to ensure that your rights are protected, and that your own obligations are managed appropriately.

By talking to our Insolvency & Debt Recovery solicitors as early as possible, we can provide effective legal support including:

  • Reducing the stress associated with financial difficulties for you and your family
  • Preserving the value of your assets
  • Maximising the potential returns from any debts owed to you
  • Managing relationships with your creditors
  • Exploring alternatives to bankruptcy and its consequences
  • We can also assist in recovering monies owed to you and would be pleased to discuss the options available to you in that regard.

For excellent insolvency legal support talk to our solicitors in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Contact us, we are here to help.

“The assistance received has always been relevant, useful and easy to understand and I would not hesitate in recommending you.”

Personal Insolvency & Debt-Related Issues
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