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Our probate solicitors offer an exceptional service, with expertise in handling large estates and building long-term, trusted relationships with our clients.

The team at Barker Gotelee have a wealth of experience in handling sensitive situations, particularly in the case of a person’s death. There are always a number of considerations around this time, including handling of a Will, and if necessary, Probate.

We can identify and collect in a deceased person’s assets, settle debts, taxes and other liabilities and distribute the balance to beneficiaries.

Dealing with tax issues and complex estates are our strengths – we have worked on estates involving family businesses and partnerships, as well as property abroad. We have worked both with and as executors for wills, administering probate on behalf on the family.

Regardless of whether you require our help to administer the whole estate or simply apply for the Grant of Probate – we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your requirements. Many situations can seem simple, yet quickly mount up. We’re here to help and will only suggest the most suitable way to move forward.

Where we are instructed to deal with the administration of an estate we will:

  • Be proactive. We don’t just wait for responses to letters to be received, where necessary we chase and hassle organisations to provide the information requested.
  • Use straightforward language, not legal jargon.
  • Deal with all taxation matters as they affect an estate – inheritance tax, income tax, capital gains tax. We are experienced in dealing with claims for relief from inheritance tax in respect of family businesses and farms.
  • Prepare detailed, clear and accurate estate accounts.
  • Advise on contentious issues and claims by or against executors.
  • If requested, give tax and estate planning advice on the advantages of Deeds of Variation for the beneficiaries.
  • We also advise on establishing, administering and terminating trusts, trustees’ powers and duties, beneficiaries’ rights and the associated tax and estate planning opportunities.

Contact us, we are here to help.

“Thank you for all your help during what has been an emotional time, made easier by your efficient and unobtrusive professionalism.”

Key Contacts

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Senior Partner 
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Associate Solicitor 
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Peter Gooch
Trust Manager 
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Associate Solicitor 
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Angela Ireland
Associate Solicitor 
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Thomas Lee
Associate Solicitor 
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Assistant Trust Manager 
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