Why everyone needs a Will

A Will provides peace of mind – you know that your estate will pass to the people of your choice.


It also gives you the opportunity to plan ahead, to prevent any unnecessary loss to the value of your estate, and to ensure your estate is administered tax efficiently and with the minimum of complications.

Here are just some of the reasons for making a Will:

  • To provide for your partner, a specific relation, a friend or a charity
  • To ensure your and your partner’s joint estate is shared between both of your families should you and your partner die together
  • To enable the future running of your business
  • To appoint guardians and trustees for your children
  • To appoint willing and able executors
  • To provide someone with a right to continue living in your home
  • To protect your estate for your children from a previous relationship
  • To ensure life insurance passes to the people of your choice
  • To ensure your house can be retained by your family
  • To protect your estate from the cost of residential/nursing care that you or your partner might one day require
  • To save inheritance tax on your own or your partner’s estate
  • To protect your estate from claims against your beneficiaries’ estates (eg on divorce/bankruptcy)
  • To exclude a specific relation
  • To compensate for any lifetime gifts you may have made
  • To secure your pets’ future
  • To avoid family arguments about who gets what

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