Will & Trust Disputes

When family members disagree over wills and trusts, our solicitors can step in to help bring the dispute to an early resolution.


Disputes between family members over wills and trusts can be very distressing. Those involved may need legal advice to bring or defend court proceedings.

Our solicitors understand how challenging this can be, and offer expert, empathetic and practical advice in these situations. We also give guidance on alternatives to court action.

We can advise on the financial implications of settling out of court, and the potential risks and benefits to pursuing or defending a case in court.

Coming to us early can help prevent a situation becoming a formal legal dispute.

Together we will work to address key issues; whether the will is valid, whether there has been a breach of trust by trustees or the likelihood in succeeding with / defending a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975.

If you are an executor, a trustee, a beneficiary or someone who has lost out on an inheritance, please give us a call.