HCEOA: “A sympathetic and flexible approach to enforcement”

The High Court Enforcement Officers Association (“HCEOA”) has announced this week that it has adopted a new best practice plan for post-lockdown enforcement activity across England and Wales over the coming months.

The plan sets out the principles, working practices and behaviours that all HCEOs and their representatives will abide by during this phased lifting of the lockdown period and covers training, data protection, protective equipment, pre-lockdown cases, notices of enforcement and post-lockdown visits.

The HCEOA plan is designed to consider the circumstances of individual judgment debtors on a case-by-case basis, recognising that many will be experiencing significant hardship as a result of the COVID-19 situation.  In practice, however, it is difficult to see how both debtors and creditors can be treated fairly.

To read the plan, please click here.

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