Health and Welfare LPA crucial in tragic case

A recent and tragic BBC news story highlights the importance of having a Health and Welfare LPA (Legal Power of Attorney) and how useful this crucial document was for Mr Vissier’s family in carrying out his wishes and granting him dignity in death.

Health and Welfare LPAs have been available since October 2007 but our recent blog revealed that less than 1% of the population holds either a Health and Welfare LPA or a Finance LPA.

Most professionals agree that people seem more keen to put in place Property and Finance LPAs over Health and Welfare LPAs. Unfortunately, missing the latter can result in families having little say over issues covered by Health and Welfare LPAs, including end of life decisions as well as day to day decisions about the care a person receives.

Rebecca Dixon is a solicitor in the private client department at Barker Gotelee, Ipswich solicitors.

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