Ipswich Hospital Charity touched by generous legacy

The generosity and kindness of Bryan Sampson, a retired chartered surveyor, has touched the hearts of clinicians and colleagues at The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust.

Mr Sampson has left his entire estate of more than half a million pounds to the hospital as he was grateful for the care and consideration he received from hospital staff.

The life-long football fan, particularly non-league football, lived and worked in Ipswich throughout his life, before spending his later years being cared for in a nursing home.

Partners at Barker Gotelee Solicitors are Mr Sampson’s executors and came to the hospital to present David White, Chair of the hospital, Nick Hulme, Chief Executive and Laurence Collins, Chair of the Ipswich Hospital Charitable Funds, with a cheque.

“This is something very special, an incredible act of kindness from My Sampson,” commented David White. “It will mean that we can provide over and above what we normally can do for the 3,000 people we see and care for every day.”

Laurence Collins said: “We will be considering how best we can use this fantastic legacy to benefit patients in the coming weeks and I look forward to sharing our plans. It is a wonderful gift which we will use very carefully to bring the most benefit to the community we serve.”

Laurence Collins, Chair of the Ipswich Hospital Charitable Funds, Jane Barker Batchelor, Toby Pound and James Skellorn (Barker Gotelee), David White, Chair, Nick Hulme, Chief Executive and Kate Ashton, Head of Charity, The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust