Lifetime cap on social care costs faces delay

Last week’s Autumn Statement by the Government placed a two year delay on the lifetime cap on social care costs in England.

Originally due to be introduced in October 2023, the limit on the amount anyone in England will need to spend on their personal care costs was set at £86,000.  This cap is restricted to only personal care expenses and not living costs such as accommodation, food and energy bills which must continue to be paid for.

The two year delay means that the existing care funding rules will continue to be in place until 2025.  Currently, anyone requiring care with capital assets of over £23,250 have to self-fund their care.  Between this upper capital limit of £23,250 and the lower capital limit of £14,250, the local authority contribute to care fees based on the income of the person requiring care.  For those with capital under £14,250, the local authority will pay for their care.

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