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James Skellorn

Senior Partner

James Skellorn is the senior partner at Barker Gotelee and is head of the private client team.

01473 617306
Secretary: 01473 617332

Dermott Thomas


Dermott Thomas is a partner in the firm and specialist litigator/advocate.

01473 617308
Secretary: 01473 617323

Andrew Nicholson

Managing Partner

Andrew Nicholson is the managing partner at Barker Gotelee and is head of the property team.

01473 617313
Secretary: 01473 617333


Nick Palmer is a partner and fully qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

01473 617307
Secretary: 01473 617332

Clare Richards


Clare Richards is a partner and specialist in corporate law; she joined Barker Gotelee in 2007.

01473 617311
Secretary: 01473 617326

Christopher Green


Christopher Green is a partner and commercial property specialist in the property team.

01473 350571
Secretary: 01473 350575

Consultant Solicitor

Toby Pound is a consultant solicitor at Barker Gotelee and specialises in property law.

01473 617330
Secretary: 01473 617315

Nicola Furmston

Consultant Solicitor

Nicola Furmston is a consultant solicitor and head of the family department.

01473 617339
Secretary: 01473 617317

Associate Solicitor

Luke Cain is an associate solicitor in the property team.

01473 611211

Nicola Cawthorne

Property Executive

Nicola Cawthorne is a property executive in the property team.

01473 617335
Secretary: 01473 617338

Associate Solicitor

Miles Coates is an associate solicitor in the property team at Barker Gotelee.

01473 611211
Secretary: 01473 617315

Fenella Eddell

Associate Solicitor

Fenella Eddell is an associate solicitor in the property team.

01473 617318
Secretary: 01473 617315

Amanda Erskine

Associate Solicitor

Amanda Erskine is an associate solicitor in the family department.

01473 617303
Secretary: 01473 617317

Gail Frankland

Associate Solicitor

Gail Frankland is an associate solicitor in the private client department.

01473 617334
Secretary: 01473 617314

Trust Manager

Peter Gooch is the Probate and Trust Manager at Barker Gotelee.

01473 617305
Secretary: 01473 617319

Julie Gouldby

Trainee Legal Executive

Julie Gouldby is a part qualified legal executive in the property team at Barker Gotelee.

01473 611211

Jane Haviland

Associate Solicitor

Jane Haviland is an associate solicitor and specialises in environmental law.

01473 350573

Ann-Marie Matthews

Associate Solicitor

Ann-Marie Matthews is an associate solicitor in the private client team at Barker Gotelee.

01473 350574
Secretary: 01473 617316

Rebecca McCarthy

Associate Solicitor

Rebecca McCarthy is an associate solicitor in the private client team at Barker Gotelee.

01473 617309

Linda Mulrooney

Property Executive

Linda Mulrooney is a property executive in the residential property team at Barker Gotelee.

01473 617340
Secretary: 01473 350550

Katherine Parker

Trainee Solicitor

Katherine Parker is a trainee solicitor at Barker Gotelee.

01473 350580

Associate Solicitor

Sam Read is an associate solicitor in the property team at Barker Gotelee.

01473 617320

Carol Robinson

Associate Solicitor

Carol Robinson is an associate solicitor in the family department.

01473 350553
Secretary: 01473 617317

Lindsey Sharples

Associate Solicitor

Lindsey Sharples is an associate solicitor in the private client team.

01473 617343
Secretary: 01473 617319

Simon Tilling

Associate Solicitor

Simon Tilling is an associate solicitor in the private client department.

01473 617324
Secretary: 01473 617319

Associate Solicitor

Mark Wrinch is an associate solicitor in the Business Services Team at Barker Gotelee.

01473 350581