Mental health awareness

I was interested to read the Gazette’s recent article about the changing attitudes to mental health in the legal profession:

When the mask slips | Feature | Law Gazette

This is such an important topic….. most people will experience mental health issues (commonly stress, anxiety, depression) at some point in their lives which can have a debilitating effect on both their home life and performance in the workplace.

I am proud to be part of a firm committed to investing both time and resources in mental health initiatives and the well-being of their staff.  A number of our staff members are currently undertaking accredited mental health first aider training with Three Eggs, a company based in Bury St Edmunds (  The training comprises group sessions, role play and independent learning with the aim of promoting openness, non-judgmental listening and ongoing support in the workplace and appropriate signposting to professional resources.  The training underlines Barker Gotelee’s commitment to staff wellbeing which, amongst other things, includes subsidised weekly yoga and fitness classes taking place at lunchtimes and at the end of the working day.

Sarah Mower is a chartered legal executive and specialist in Insolvency & Business Recovery at Barker Gotelee Solicitors.

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