Ministry of Justice advice guide for divorcing couples

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Since the demise of legal aid for family law work many divorcing couples have elected to represent themselves in divorce/dissolution and financial settlement proceedings. The Ministry of Justice is aware of the complexities of the system and has provided a guidance and information booklet entitled ‘Sorting out your finances when you get a divorce’.

The guidance is produced by Advice Now and aims to demystify the process by providing information on the issues that a judge would consider during financial court proceedings. It explains legal jargon and gives helpful case studies. However, whilst the guidance provides useful information about the process and the options available it should be used with caution.

In complex cases, those with a high net worth or involving trusts, business assets or the dissipation of assets or in any case where you have concerns about the way forward then specialist legal advice should be sought. At Barker Gotelee we can offer a free initial consultation to anyone who is or may be considering going through a divorce or are trying to sort out their financial settlement with their spouse or civil partner.

Josephine Hayes is a solicitor in the Family team at Barker Gotelee.

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