Online Divorces

The court service have said that 13 online divorces were filed on Christmas Day. 455 were submitted online between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

Whilst many think that divorces filed on or around Christmas Day are due to the build-up of tension in family dynamics over the Christmas period causing an explosive and impulsive reaction this is not always the case. Divorces filed around this time can be as a result of people who have been separated pre-Christmas finally having the time to sit and file their application. Those separated for some time can experience an exacerbation of the loneliness engendered by fractured relationships, prompting a determination to finally sort out their divorce so as to allow themselves to move on positively in the New Year.

Online applications are gaining momentum but the Ministry of Justice has no plans to stop allowing people to file paper petitions.

Nicola Furmston is a consultant solicitor and head of the family department at Barker Gotelee Suffolk Solicitors.

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