Pendant alarms

Staying at home is often the first choice of family who are increasing in age or who have additional needs. The correct support can make this an achievable goal.  A key part of a package of support can be pendant alarms – which can be worm around the neck or wrist and can include a falls monitor which will raise the alarm even if your loved one is unable to press it.  Alarms can be set up to contact family directly – these can be the most cost effective and work when the family members are close by.  Other alarms are monitored by a 24/7 call centre and include a monthly contract – no numbers to remember and if they are unable to speak to the control unit, they will know that you need help and can begin calling numbers from the nominated list of emergency contacts, which can include a neighbour. If emergency help is needed, the control centre will call the emergency services.

The pendant alarms will usually have a range of around 75m, so can be worn in the garden and it will also be water resistant, as many slips happen while showering or bathing.  Many suppliers will include fitting a key safe for easy access to the property in an emergency.

In our experience, if the alarm is pressed accidentally, the monitoring teams are happy to use it as a test of the equipment – within reason!

Some suppliers include an emergency response facility and their trained professionals can be the first response to a fall and avoid the need to call an ambulance in the case of an uninjured person.

In the first instance, the Suffolk County Council website has lots of information and can provide equipment if your family member falls into the lower savings category.

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