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Domestic Abuse Bill to be re-introduced

The prorogation of Parliament last week meant that any Bill going through the House which had not yet made it into law was automatically dropped as there were no carry-over motions passed. One such Bill to be dropped was the Domestic Abuse Bill. On 5 September 2019 various charities, including Women’s Aid, wrote to the […]

Landlords facing tenant insolvency

Many landlords are faced with the issue of tenant insolvency and increasingly this is due to the decline of the high street. A recent County Court decision has given some comfort as to how the Courts may be more accommodating to the landlord when seeking to forfeit a long lease previously granted at a premium. […]

Family law reform halted

On 22 July 2019 and 31 July 2019 we reported on two different new family law reform Bills which were making their way through Parliament and hoped to become law. One hoped to change the divorce laws in England and Wales to make the process less acrimonious for parties and the other hoped to improve […]

Passports for children

Obtaining passports for children: A quick guide It can be an exciting time for parents when they are able to tell their children they are going on holiday abroad. The child can experience a different country, culture and atmosphere and take a break from their normal routine. However, before the child can go anywhere he […]

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