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McKenzie Friends

There has been rapid reform in the Family Court over the last few years and a number of cost cutting measures, which has resulted in more and more people representing themselves in court proceedings. The terminology for such parties is a litigant-in-person (LIPs). Given that many court users cannot afford to have legal representation during […]

State of Nature Report 2019

Some of you may have seen recent press coverage of the State of Nature Report 2019. The picture is gloomier than most of us had hoped. The report which is based on the best available data relating to the nation’s biodiversity illustrates a general decline in the abundance and distribution of many species since 1970. […]

No new legislation in family law

In the wake of another general election, Parliament has been dissolved today, 6 November 2019, to allow campaigning to get underway. This means that any bill going through Parliament which does not receive Royal Assent and make it onto the statute books will fall away in its entirety. Sadly the Domestic Abuse Bill, which was […]

FRI leases: A classic misconception

What are ‘FRI’ leases and why should prospective tenants be wary of entering into them without seeking advice? Despite the recent rise in the number of tenants seeking flexible office space, through sharing possession/occupation arrangements, it requires creative application of the law to achieve success and even then, there are many pitfalls for the unwary. […]

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