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30% of private law cases have been to court before

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) has recently published the results of a study looking at how many private law family cases return to court. The research also looks at why these cases return and distinguishes between those that belong in court and those that might safely benefit from alternative dispute […]

Unmarried woman wins legal fight on bereavement damages

NHS worker Jakki Smith from Chorley, Lancashire, was with her partner John Bulloch for 16 years before he passed away in 2011 aged 66. John underwent the removal of a benign tumour on his right foot and suffered an infection which was missed by medical staff. When Jakki looked into being awarded bereavement damages she […]

House of Commons Library paper on No Fault Divorce

On 17 October the House of Commons Library released its briefing paper dealing with ‘no fault divorce’. The paper is designed to provide a snapshot of the current law in England and Wales in relation to divorce proceedings, together with a chronology of historic legislation and government schemes. The most recent attempt to legislate for […]

Action against UK care home providers who continue to charge after death

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is taking direct action against some unnamed UK care home providers who are continuing to charge the estates of deceased self-funding residents for up to four weeks after death. The CMA has been investigating the scandal since June 2017, along with the equally common practice of forcing self-funding clients […]

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