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The problem with buying off-plan

A number of recent and well publicised failures in the market for “off-plan” properties have highlighted how important it is for buyers to be aware of the risks involved in an investment which usually promises large capital growth and/or a guaranteed income scheme. A case which came before the High Court a couple of years […]

Will divorce auctions catch on?

The world of celebrity divorces can be littered with bizarre stories as to what the parties got up to during their marriage and how they have handled their divorce. The latest example is a celebrity who has decided to make some money out of his divorce. Film star Russell Crowe decided to hold a high […]

Universal Wealth Preservation Trusts

Do you have a Universal Wealth Preservation Trust? Quite a number of people have set up trusts with Universal Wealth Preservation (UWP) and now have concerns about the trust following recent media reports and a notice on UWP’s website, which now appears to be unavailable. A recent broadcast of the Money Box¬†show on BBC Radio […]

Mediation starts at their lowest since LASPO introduction

Since the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO Act) anyone who wishes to submit a court application in family cases is required to show the court that they have explored all other possible options of resolution before making their application. The idea was to encourage more people to […]

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