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Can I leave my pet in my Will?

Whether it is dogs, cats or horses, snakes, tortoises or rabbits, the UK is definitely a nation of pet lovers. However, we often forget to think about what would happen to our pets after we die, and who would look after them. Many people are not aware that it is possible to leave your pet […]

Government proposes crackdown on late payment to SMEs

Under new plans announced by the Government, large companies could in future be held more accountable for their late payment practices. It is proposed that, amongst other things, the Small Business Commissioner will be tasked with enforcing current reporting requirements (for example the “Payment Practices Reporting Duty”) and given enhanced powers to enforce full disclosure […]

Complexities of farming divorces

What makes farming divorces different? Whilst there is no particular difference between dealing with a farm upon divorce and any other business, farms can be more complex to deal with for several reasons: They are light in income, but heavy in capital. The value of the land and property can be substantial and at odds […]

Should the wealthiest families benefit from Inheritance Tax Relief?

The campaigning group Tax Justice UK was reported in the financial papers recently as having published a report entitled “How Inheritance Tax breaks favour the well-off”. The report concentrates on the application and use of Business Property Relief (BPR) and Agricultural Property Relief (APR). Tax planning is increasingly equated with tax avoidance and utilising statutory […]

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