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Parental Alienation – the expert’s view

Parental alienation is the term given to cases where a child of separated parents rejects one of their parents. Experts say that the problem has a spectrum. Some children will tolerate a limited relationship with the rejected parent. Other children will reject the parent outright. Unless there has been significant harm to a child the child’s […]

A question of interpretation

A recently published High Court judgement has examined the effect of the Will of Violet Hamblen-Thomas. Mrs Hamblen-Thomas signed a Will in 1968. Her Will stated that her estate should be held on trust for her son Edwin during his lifetime and then pass to his children. The Will then said: ‘In the event of […]

Development in the law to create new right to use recreational facilities

A Supreme Court case (Regency Villas Title Ltd v Diamond Resorts) in November 2018 found that a right or “easement” can exist to use recreational facilities, such as a golf course, swimming pool or tennis court. This is an extension of the law to create a new category of easement and to accommodate a different […]

Unmarried couples – where the law stands

It has become increasingly common for many couples to live together in a long term committed relationship without the benefits of marriage. Before entering into a co-habitation arrangement, it is crucial to be aware that the legal rights afforded to married couples are very different to those afforded to co-habitees. It is a very common […]

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