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Domestic violence – is it only women spouses who are victims?

The straight answer to this question is … “no”. Evidence exists which demonstrates that there is a distinct lack of support for male victims of intimate partner violence (IPV), and evidence is mounting now that the stigma of “shame” is evaporating leading to more men reporting assaults. The weight of that evidence has given rise to […]

New measures to prevent ‘predatory marriage’

Commonly used in Canada, the term ‘predatory marriage’ means someone being led into marriage without the mental capacity to consent. Sadly, the majority of those affected are entering into second marriages and are from the older generation. Introducing the Marriage and Civil partnership (Consent) Bill, the MP for Leeds North East, Fabian Hamilton, said that laws protecting […]

Telecoms Update

On 28 December 2017 the rules concerning the rights of telecoms operators to place and maintain telecommunications apparatus on land changed, through the introduction of a new Electronic Communications Code. The new rules give operators more flexibility to the detriment of landowners, with the Government taking the view that the public benefit in allowing telecoms […]

Young people and divorcing parents

If your parents are about to separate or divorce, you may have heard some unpleasant stories from friends and family, or seen something on the TV which causes you concern. This article has been formulated to provide you with the facts. One parent has to start the divorce process. That parent is the petitioner, and […]