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Shared Ownership

With property prices still high for many, one option is to purchase a shared ownership property.  With shared ownership properties, a buyer will purchase a percentage of the property (ie, 40%) and then lease the remainder of the property (ie, 60%) from the housing association.  Buyers can then acquire a higher percentage of the property […]

Advertising Standards

Your advertising and marketing material should be legal, decent, honest, true and capable of substantiation.  Misleading, exaggerated or dishonest marketing is not only illegal and unethical but it’s also usually damaging to your reputation. The rules cover not only what you would think of as traditional advertising but also some website content.  For example, content […]

Gazumping and gazundering

Research suggests that nearly a third of recent sellers have suffered gazundering, which property pundits attribute to a downturn in the market. But, in some areas, the lack of suitable properties means there is still fierce competition for homes, with buyers trying to outbid each other via gazumping. It is certainly a challenging time to […]

Should you sign a prenuptial agreement?

Bringing up the subject of a prenuptial agreement can be as daunting as popping the question, perhaps more so as it raises the issue that the marriage might not last. But how should you react if you have been asked to sign an agreement?  What should you look out for in a draft agreement? ‘Prenuptial […]