Probate Registry Delays

Probate Registry Delays – How long will I need to wait?

Following the introduction of the Online Probate Service in 2019, the usual wait time for a probate application to be processed has generally been four to eight weeks as reported by the Probate Registry. However, the impact of Covid-19, together with various snags with the introduction of the Online Probate Service mean that some applications are taking upwards of three months to be granted.

Using the Online Probate Service is a mandatory requirement for a large majority of all new probate applications and was launched with the intention of making it easier to track each individual application. Although, it seems that applications are being reviewed by the Probate Registry several weeks after they have been submitted. If an application is not marked as processed by a case worker at the Probate Registry, the application will indefinitely sit in “limbo” until a telephone call is made to the probate service to follow up on this.

The prospect of a delayed probate application can be stressful. We make sure to follow up on all probate applications four weeks after they have been submitted to reduce the chances of any extended delays. We would be happy to assist with applying for probate, we can also deal with the administration of an estate to handle everything from start to finish.

Anna Suchocki is Assistant Trust Manager in the Private Client team.

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