Reasons to use a family solicitor instead of seeking an online divorce

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Divorce is a highly stressful and complicated process and many people will not know where to turn at first, but getting advice from expert divorce solicitors based locally in Ipswich ensures that you will have the support you need all the way through. Amid the distress of a family breakdown, it is important to limit the pressure and ensure the settlement is arranged as smoothly as possible, without unnecessary distress and loss of time.

It may be possible for couples to arrange their break-up amicably amongst themselves if they can agree the division of property and child arrangements, but there can be hazards in doing this without involvement of solicitors. For instance, if there is no court order in place, then there is a possibility that your former spouse may be able to claim more assets from you in the future.

Some family solicitors, such as Barker Gotelee in Ipswich, offer a mediation service which involves sitting down with a neutral third party, and this can often be particularly useful in making arrangements for children. Talking to a mediator can be especially helpful if you find it hard to discuss issues with your ex-partner, which is often the case when emotions are running high. The Government is keen to promote mediation because it is felt that mediated agreements tend to be the best solutions for families and, where appropriate and by prior arrangement, there can also be scope for a trained mediator to talk to children directly.

It is important to be aware that solicitors can give one-off advice if you need some legal information about what is involved in getting divorced, even if you do not think it is necessary to have the whole divorce process handled by a legal firm in your particular case.

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Ways of making divorce arrangements

There are companies which offer quick divorces arranged online and provide you with the forms you need, together with a step-by-step guide, and they say in their advertising that this type of divorce will save you money.

However, while this may lead to savings in some instances, a disadvantage is that you will not have the face-to-face and personal advice which you would get by going to expert divorce solicitors in Ipswich who will be fully aware of your individual situation and able to answer your questions about the whole process of ending a marriage.

Also, there may not in fact be any financial savings but quite the opposite, because most people do not have the expertise to sort out a fair financial settlement and decide on everything which needs to be included. You could end up getting an unsatisfactory settlement which will need to be renegotiated later with additional costs.

Problems which could potentially arise include forgetting assets like pensions or property in drawing up a settlement. It is also important that a court order is obtained setting out the full financial arrangements of both parties and looking at all joint assets, since if anything is missed out then it could lead to problems later on.

Using divorce solicitors based in Ipswich means you will have expert legal advice to help you find a good settlement for the longer term, and your solicitor will be there to support you in the future. Another advantage of seeking legal advice in person is that it can be helpful to speak to somebody face to face about complex issues rather than having to rely on email and this may even, in practice, prove to be quicker.

In the course of a divorce, questions and problems may crop up which you had not been aware of earlier on and it is helpful to have someone who can provide you with expert information quickly and be close at hand to avoid minor issues getting out of proportion. Experienced family solicitors in Suffolk or your own home area will also be able to refer you to support agencies if this is necessary at any stage.

About Barker Gotelee

As experienced and expert family solicitors based in Ipswich and serving the whole of East Anglia, Barker Gotelee is able to provide you with advice and support throughout the process of ending a marriage. We are committed to helping to find solutions through negotiation. We have a mediation service based in-house, as well as child mediation where this is felt to be appropriate.

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Amanda Crowe is a divorce solicitor at Barker Gotelee, Solicitors in Ipswich.

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