Resolution manifesto suggests radical divorce law reforms

Nicola Furmston Profile Photo

Resolution, the umbrella organisation in the UK for family lawyers, has published its manifesto for the coming year.

At the heart of Resolution and its members is a desire to see divorce and separation conducted in as painless a way as possible and they actively promote changes to the law that discourage blame.

Resolution would like to see divorce law radically reformed so that the five current grounds for divorce are abolished. It suggests that a party wishing to be divorced simply registers his/her desire for a divorce with the actual divorce following six months later if no one is opposed to it.

The six month breathing space gives parties time to think and sort out issues relating to their financial separation and their children. Previous ‘no fault’ divorce legislation was never implemented but the current government is said to support a new ‘blameless’ regime.

The family law solicitors at Barker Gotelee are members of Resolution and actively support and promote out of court methods of sorting out disputes on divorce and separation.

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