Seek support before separation

calls to ChildLine rise

OnePlusOne, a charity supporting couples and families to strengthen their relationships, has carried out a recent survey into how many people considering separation or divorce seek help before they do. The poll found that although six in 10 people in a relationship admit to having experienced relationship problems, a quarter (23%) have never sought help from friends, family or professionals to help them manage these. The most often turned-to sources of support are friends (23%), family (16%) and the internet (7%).

The charity also found that a quarter (26%) of British parents who currently live with their partner and children have secretly considered separating from or divorcing their partner.

OnePlusOne Director, Penny Mansfield CBE, comments: “People rarely decide to separate or divorce suddenly – often they’ve been thinking about it for months, if not years. Seeking help at an earlier stage – when the first thoughts about separation creep in – can be the first step in resolving problems and make the likelihood of splitting up less likely”.

Anyone who is contemplating separation or divorce should seek professional help. Our experienced family solicitors can provide legal advice tailored to each person’s situation and can also provide details of other professionals who can assist with the emotional side to separation.

Amanda Crowe is a divorce solicitor at Barker Gotelee, Solicitors in Ipswich.

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