Seven ways to lessen the emotional impact of a divorce

Nicola Furmston

The advent of a New Year is a time when many people re-evaluate their lives, and their marriages, and unfortunately the first few months of the year are when some people think about consulting divorce solicitors. Separating is a painful decision to make, and many people face their marriage breakdown with a mix of loss, anger, bitterness, sadness, guilt, fear, resentment, stress, panic and, in some cases, low self-esteem.

Although a divorce is without a doubt one of the most stressful and complicated events in a person’s life, once this has been finalised you can look forward to rebuilding your life and creating a brighter future.

At Barker Gotelee’s divorce solicitors in Ipswich, we are experienced in guiding you through the divorce process and achieving the best possible outcome. We deal with divorce issues as sensitively as possible, and if you feel that as a couple you are at an impasse and cannot achieve an agreement, we can also arrange mediation services.

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Reducing the emotional impact – How we can help

If you feel a divorce is the only way forward in the New Year, you are not alone January to March are the most common months when people consult divorce solicitors in the UK. In most cases, there is no single reason or event triggering this decision; instead it may be that your lives have simply drifted apart. After a stressful festive period, you may feel that as a couple, the connection is no longer there.

Statistics for 2013 showed that while less than five per cent of divorces are initiated by men, nearly 70 percent are initiated by women, and the rest are by couples. While some people feel that they can rebuild their marriage through therapy sessions with organisations such as Relate, others feel that their marriage has no chance of being rebuilt.

If you feel you have reached the stage where you need to consult divorce solicitors in Ipswich, the emotional impact of this decision can be devastating, for both parties. This article provides some practical information on how to minimise the emotional impact of a divorce:

Accept the reality of the situation – Look back over the reasons for your divorce and try to understand what went wrong, and why and how you have both changed. It is unlikely that your separation is down to one single event, instead, it is likely that you have lost your connection over time. Understanding the reasons why you are divorcing and coming to terms with it is one way to help you move forward.

Communicate with your former partner – Communication goes a long way to helping to resolve issues and to achieve the best possible outcome for each party, both financially and in terms of making arrangements for any children involved. If you don’t feel you can reach an agreement, you may want to consider mediation.

Try to keep your emotions in check – When tensions are fraught, it can be hard to manage your emotions, but try to do this as best you can, especially in front of the children. In the vast majority of cases it is in the best interests of the children to have access to both parents – after all they are not the ones who are divorcing. Again, mediation is possible if you can’t reach an agreement.

Find a good divorce solicitor in Ipswich – Finding a good divorce lawyer who will help you understand the legal process, and provide you with the best possible outcome, is the first step towards rebuilding your future. Barker Gotelee solicitors are specialists in divorce and the ending of civil partnerships. In recognition that no two divorces are the same, we deal with each case on an individual basis.

Talk things through with friends and family – As with any major event in your life, it is important not to go through it alone, and instead to have a third party to confide in and talk things through. If you don’t feel that you can turn to friends or family, you may want to consider counselling, if you feel that you need this.

Think over all the practical matters – Consider how to tackle all the practical issues that you may have to deal with after your marriage breakdown. Set positive goals for the future – It is important to set some goals to help lift your mood. All these steps can be big confidence boosters and will help you look forward to a brighter future.

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Nicola Furmston is a solicitor specialising in the family field at Barker Gotelee, Solicitors in Ipswich.