State of Nature Report 2019

Some of you may have seen recent press coverage of the State of Nature Report 2019. The picture is gloomier than most of us had hoped. The report which is based on the best available data relating to the nation’s biodiversity illustrates a general decline in the abundance and distribution of many species since 1970. Such declines are attributable to a number of factors such as pollution, climate change and increased urbanisation. Although the statistics are difficult reading, the report does highlight the positive changes that are afoot regarding initiatives for addressing these negative trends and how to turn them around.

The report also highlights the dedication of various organisations including individual volunteers, scientists and conservationists, to name but a few, in undertaking monitoring programmes to collate data and deliver commitments to improving the position. The report concludes with an expectation that 2020 will see an uplift in national commitments to tackle climate change, and delivering a more constructive relationship between nature, climate change and sustainable development.

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