Wedding day doubts and the quickie divorce

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A recent poll found that 49% of those who got married had doubts on their wedding day about the future of their relationship. Nevertheless they proceeded with their marriage.

The poll also found that approximately a third thought it would be a simple process to have their marriage annulled, one in six thought that they would not have to get a divorce if their marriage lasted less than six months, and nearly 50% thought a quickie divorce would be simple to achieve.

The pressure to organise a lavish wedding, with every detail honed to perfection at great cost can be a reason why those with doubts see their marriage through rather than calling it off.

A divorce or annulment is necessary if there has been a marriage of any length at all, be it one hour, one day or one year. An annulment decrees that a marriage either never took place at all – for instance, if one of the couple was an imposter – or that it took place but has ceased to continue – for instance, if the marriage has never been consummated. Annulments are unusual.

Parties need to be married for at least a year before they divorce but there is no requirement to live together during this time.

There is no such thing as a quickie divorce. The process is the same every time.

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