Will ‘signing station’ set up at Barker Gotelee Solicitors


When Barker Gotelee Solicitors decided last year to install brand new bike storage to encourage staff who wanted to cycle to work, little did we know that within months it would be put to use for a rather different purpose.

The arrival of COVID-19 around the world has posed challenges and brought about changes that would previously have been almost impossible to envisage. As solicitors, providing wills for people has always been one of our key legal services , but how do you make wills in a world where we are told not to come into close contact with others unless absolutely necessary? Virtual meetings such as Skype and Zoom enable us to consult with clients prior to making the will and drafts can of course be emailed for approval, but the signing of a will is something that can only be done physically – by those making the will – and also two witnesses (usually from outside your household) who need to be present at the signing. This is where our ‘signing station’ comes in.

Adjacent to our offices and car park, the signing station is outside, but sheltered from all types of British weather (rain, wind etc) and has a safe Perspex barrier which enables people to stand either side to communicate/check documents/point where to sign etc.

Two of our staff can witness the Will signing, with everyone staying safe.

Once signed, our clients can just get straight back in their cars without having to enter the office.

For more information about making or reviewing your will with us, please just contact us.