Dermott Thomas

Dermott Thomas is a Partner and Solicitor and a specialist litigator/advocate. He joined the firm in 1993.

Dermott specialises in dispute resolution and regulatory matters as a valued member of the following teams at Barker Gotelee:

A skilled advocate, Dermott is experienced in conducting Employment Tribunal cases, Magistrates and County Court cases as well as presenting cases at Public Inquiries before the Traffic Commissioner.

Dermott has been closely involved in the firm’s high profile judicial reviews for the farming sector as well as a number of High Court cases concerned with crop and seed damage, mercantile law, animal liability and farm partnership disputes.

On the road transport side Dermott has been involved in a number of cases for our haulier clients in connection with the interpretation of standard carrier terms on goods in transit including the CMR both in the High Court in this country and other European jurisdictions. Other recent cases have involved bailment, liens, questions of insurance cover and sub-contracting logistics.

Dermott has been involved in multi-million pound trust disputes and a number of Chancery Court actions over Wills and Trusts, as well as inheritance claims.

Dermott says:

‘The successful resolution of a dispute requires a thorough knowledge of the legal concepts involved and detailed attention to the evidence. I work hard to cover all angles and provide a top-quality service at a cost-effective price’.

Clients say:

“I was left needing difficult surgery after an animal attack. Mr Thomas took on my case after insurer’s and their panel solicitors rejected it as having no prospect of success, he doggedly pursued my case despite numerous hurdles put in our way by the insurers, animal owners, the police and the keeper ultimately responsible who had disappeared abroad. Most importantly I think justice was achieved through his determination”

“We were very disappointed with our previous solicitors who felt we had a weak case and came to Barker Gotelee for their acknowledged specialism in the agricultural sector. BG and Mr Thomas turned the case around for us and helped us achieve a wonderful result.”

“After considerable setbacks in the early stages Dermott’s authoritative approach and effective cross examination before the Tribunal turned our case.”

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