Wills, Trusts
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Our solicitors are highly accomplished in handling large estates and wills covering a variety of circumstances, from tax planning to setting up trusts to protect assets.


We are well respected across East Anglia for providing expert advice on wills, trusts, tax, estate planning and assets protection, so you can rest assured your affairs will be in excellent hands.

We have many long-standing relationships with families who value our knowledge of history; they know we will preserve their family wealth for future generations.

There are many considerations when planning your estate and post death arrangements; Wills are a fundamental part of making sure your wishes are carried out however they are only part of the planning process – depending on your situation there are a range of other matters to consider such as the role of trusts for asset protection and tax mitigation.

Our solicitors will discuss your objectives, listen to your wishes and concerns, we make sure to spot any tax planning or estate planning opportunities, and create solutions to any potential complications.

Trusts are often key to succession planning, and clients regularly ask us to act as trustees. Thanks to our broad experience and expertise in this area, we can advise clients and trustees on the creation, administration, taxation and, where appropriate, winding up of trusts.

Trusts can be set up during your lifetime or come into effect under the terms of your Will on death. Trusts can have a range of benefits including tax saving, safeguarding inheritances, maintaining flexibility or offering the ability to cater for more than one set of beneficiaries (particularly relevant for clients who have been married more than once and have children from previous relationships).

Our credentials are exceptional – five of our solicitors are fully qualified members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

Contact us, we are here to help.

“You have worked on several aspects of will planning and inheritance tax for our family. You are professional, very approachable and extremely helpful.”

Wills, Trusts & Tax
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