Intellectual Property

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We can advise on all aspects of intellectual property for you and your business.

We advise in relation to:

  • Trademarks and Passing Off
  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Designs (registered and unregistered)
  • Confidentiality

We can help you to identify what intellectual property you have and explain how to protect it.

We do not do the same things as a Patent or a Trade Mark Attorney, for example, registering your IP. However, we can help you to:

  • Sell (otherwise known as assign) your intellectual property
  • Licence your intellectual property
  • Work out whether or not you own it. For example, did you know that if you appoint a contractor to develop your IP, unless your agreement says otherwise, you will not automatically own that IP

We can also help you if someone else is using your IP without permission or you are accused of infringing someone else’s IP.

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Intellectual Property
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