Nicola Furmston

Nicola Furmston works as a consultant solicitor at Barker Gotelee. She also specialises in mediation.

As a lawyer:

Nicola has been qualified since 1992. She practises in two areas:-

Family Law

This includes divorce, civil partnership annulments, financial settlements, arrangements for children, pre-marriage/civil partnership financial planning, living together agreements.

Specific areas of specialism are farms, trusts, pubs and other businesses, backed up by colleagues specialising in corporate, agricultural, property and trust issues.

Nicola says:

“I know how farms work, the cycle of the year and its effect on income, complicated family ownership structures and the family dynamics that must be respected when negotiating settlements”.

“I understand complex trust arrangements, their legal standing, the effect of a trust on the value of family assets and the impact on a family of the involvement of a trust in a divorce”.

“I have worked extensively with business arrangements during the divorce process. I know and understand corporate and partnership structures, as well as issues relating to valuation, liquidity, shareholder buy-outs and sales”.

“I know how pubs operate, how they are valued, their income streams and how the relationship with the brewery works, including related landlord and tenant issues”.

Nicola has worked in traditional law firms, both in London and regionally. She believes in negotiating sensible practical arrangements for her clients in a sensible practical way and does not slug things out in court at the drop of a hat.

Come to Nicola if you want a tailored, comprehensive, thorough and supportive one-to-one service.

As a mediator:

Nicola Furmston has been qualified since 2007. She works with couples to agree the arrangements for their finances and children on separation. She believes strongly in mediation as a means of keeping couples communicating and enabling them to decide what is to happen in their own lives. Nicola is able to consult directly with children.

Clients say:

“Thank you more than we can say for all your kindness and guidance through this year”.

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work on my divorce case… You have worked so hard and done a brilliant job”.

“It is only thanks to you… that I have been freed from the mess that was my marriage. I am so grateful, you cannot believe and very happy to be moving. Best wishes to you and all at Barker Gotelee; your professionalism and advice have been very much appreciated”.

“You have given me the strength I needed to keep going”.

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